Editha Adams

I am a hardworking single mom of three, and a home care provider for my youngest daughter who lives with chronic lung disease. I love that I am able to care for my daughter thanks to IHSS, and know firsthand the triumphs and challenges that home care workers and our clients face.
I was born in the Philippines and raised in Japan, so I speak several languages. I come from a long line of politically-involved family members who were also active members of unions. I am proud and honored to have served my community as President of UDW since 2013, and encourage every member to participate in whatever way they can.

My passion for union activism began in 2005 when I began knocking on doors, hosting union meetings, and volunteering at the City Council campaigns. As my involvement grew, I took on leadership roles within the organization. By 2007, I was a member of the union Advisory Committee and was elected the San Diego District Chair, where I worked to secure medical and dental insurance for thousands of union members.

Since becoming UDW’s statewide president, I’ve had the opportunity to stand with my fellow UDW members as we’ve faced threats against the IHSS program. I’m proud that in the last few years, we’ve stopped harmful cuts to our clients’ hours and secured overtime pay for providers for the first time in history.

I’m also proud that we’ve continued to increase our involvement in the communities where UDW caregivers live and work. Through relationships with the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA), the California Alliance for Retired Americans (CARA), and more, we’re able to win justice for home care and our communities. Together we can build a stronger union and keep our communities thriving!

Editha at ‘Put People First’ rally.